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Business Meeting


Agents, will attend a Live Webinar that will consist of a full four-day training that will give them a complete overview of our Agency & everything you need to know from A-Z. Two days of training will be hosted by HST and the last two days will be hosted by Compass Health Consultants. This is a one-time required training for New Agents during their first month.



Once agents have completed Registration & Contracting, they will be assigned to a specific Sales Manager who will be there to support them with 1x1 training & sales support.


Every Monday there will be what's called our "Monday Meetings" which will provide agents with relevant information in regards to the agency and/or industry. They also recognize the prior weeks Top Agents which we expect you to be there very soon! The Monday Meetings are hosted weekly at 9:30am CST.​

In addition to the Monday Meetings, there are various meetings each week that cover specific topics, this gives agents the opportunity to pick & choose which trainings they would like to attend based off what they think is best. These are not required trainings, just available options to anyone who would like to attend.

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