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At the top of the page see the "Money Matters" document to see the list of CHC's most popular products! Click here to see the full catalog Commission Structure for CHC's Health, Life, Annuities & Group Insurance.


  • Commissions and Bonuses are paid on the 1st, 8th, 14th, and 22nd of each month


As you are looking at the sheet, here are a few quick explanations of what each bonus means:


Agent Weekly Bonus: 5 submitted applications gets you $100 in lead credits or 10 submitted applications gets you $200 in lead credits. If you hit the bonus 4 weeks in a row, you will receive an additional $250 in lead credits. 

New Agent: If you write $20k Paid Premium in your first 6 weeks, you'll get $100 cash or $200 in lead credit


In addition to receiving free leads, agents receive $5 - $75 in Lead Credits for commissionable products per app, these credits can be used to purchase extremely hot leads that have not been shared with other agents. Same example as listed above, each app qualifies agents to receive immediate lead credit as long as the apps are over $25. 


​Agents who sell only 40 apps in their first 3 months as an agent, will receive a $500 Cash Bonus & $500 in Lead Credits that can be used to buy Exclusive Leads or Live Transfers.  (NAP - Simply means "Issued" and not just submitted).


Refer an agent to work with us by emailing & you will receive the allotted bonuses listed below. There is no limit, so if you know anyone at all, let us know & let this be another source of income for you. If you are planning on building a team, these agents will be assigned to you once you hit $500k in business - which if you look at our leaderboards, you'll see that it $500k sounds like a lot, but in reality as long as you are working our system it will not take long at all! If you do not want to build a team that is completely fine & we will not push you to recruit. That is completely up to you but regardless, you will still get the Raise Awareness bonus either way.



There are constant bonuses running for different carriers and products. Pay attention to the emails and calls so you can maximize your earning potential.

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