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 Contracting Instructions

If you have questions, please contact: 


1) Utilize the below to register your new SuranceBay platform to receive and complete life contracting.  

Once you Open the link, please click on Register New Account. If you already have a SuranceBay account please use a new email and password. 

SureBay Link:


2) Please use the link below for the JOT form. This is the form you will complete to request carrier contracts through Quility.

Jot Form:           

(When filling out the JOT form the Agency Owner is Joseph Krivelow Email: Use the same for your direct upline.)

 *Please select Gary Thomas as our Quility Account Manager*

3) Limit you selections to our core carriers please: SBLI (Quility), Americo, and Foresters) 

As you select carriers, boxes will appear at the bottom of the document requesting Level for Carrier. Please put LOA and click submit.

4) Your contracting will show up in your SureLC account after your request has been processed. You will be notified via email throughout the process.

List of Carriers

  • NGL

  • GWIC

  • American Amicable

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